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Thyroid Conditions

Low Thyroid, Hashimoto’s, Hyperthyroid, Auto-immune thyroid, Graves disease


Numbness, tingling, sharp shooting pain in the feets or hands.  Restless leg syndrome


Chronic Conditions

Medical Weight loss, Fibromyalgia, Auto-Immune, Digestive Conditions, Herniated Disc, Degenerative disc disease, Low Back Pain, Neck Pain,

Testimonal/Educational Videos

Educational Videos, Patient Testimonals

I was miserable, and after working with Dr. Scott the results are incredible.  I’ve tried all kinds of things and this is the first time I’ve seen immediate success.

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Mary B.

I had migraine headaches, severe fatigue, didn’t feel well at all.  I went to all sorts of doctors and had every type of test with no results.  I was really skeptical and thought I’d have to live with my problems.  After going through Dr. Scott’s program, I have have my life back. If your struggling I’d highly recommend Dr. Scott, he can figure out whats wrong.

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Timini H.

I had a lot of issues, weight problems, fatique, lack of motivation, digestive issues, my hair was falling out.  I liked that Dr. Scott was all about fixing the problems and not just treating the symptoms.  I’m 100% better after just a fews months. I would recommend him to anyone.

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Wendy K.

I was referred by a friend and I had numbness, tingling in my feet, weight gain, and fatique. I had gone to other doctors with no success so, I was skeptial to start Dr. Scott’s program.  After four weeks, my numbnes is gone, energy levels shot through the roof, and I lost 28 pounds.  I’m very happy.

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Chad T.

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